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Bringing over 48 years years of experience to the area of Criminal Defense and being committed to the best possible outcome of each and every client and case Dennis represents, means one would have a near impossible task at finding a more qualified Oakland Criminal Defense Attorney than Dennis Roberts!



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Some Insight On Choosing The RIGHT Oakland Criminal Defense Attorney

Many people find themselves in situations which require the help of an Oakland Criminal Defense Attorney. These situations can involve charges for domestic violence, DUI, theft and robbery to mention a few. If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, it is crucial you seek the legal advice and guidance of a reputable and experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer. This can be one of the most frightening experiences a person can face. It is not an experience you or a loved one wants to, or should face alone. Finding a really good Oakland Criminal Defense Attorney will help you greatly in getting through this difficult time in your life.

Many defense attorneys advertise that they once worked for the District Attorney or prosecutor. I am proud to say I have never worked to incarcerate individuals accused of crimes, and I never would. Why would you hire someone who at one time worked hard to jail someone for the very crime for which you or your loved one is now being accused? Is that person one who believes in you and your case? Do they truly care about your rights? Did they care about them when they used to tell the judge to lock someone just like you up—to toss ‘em in jail? Hire someone that knows defense work inside and out, and believes in you, your rights, and your innocence. Hire someone with a proven record of always fighting for those just like you—not against you!

Exercise Your Right To Remain SILENT

It is important to understand if you have been arrested for any crime, you will be read your rights and you DO have the right to remain silent. You should exercise that right until your Defense Attorney is present. Most people are frightened and confused when they are arrested. It is important to request your Lawyer be present before you answer any questions. Many people make the unfortunate mistake of waiving their rights and speaking without having their Attorney present.

When Seeking The Help Of An Oakland Criminal Defense Attorney - Do Your Due Diligence

Finding an Oakland Criminal Defense Attorney to handle your case can be a challenge, especially when trying to weigh the likely outcomes based on who you choose. We advise you to search for and speak with several Oakland Criminal Defense Attorneys before making the final decision as to who you will hire to represent you and your case. Most Criminal Lawyers offer a free consultation and will provide you with the necessary information you will need to make an educated and more confident decision.

You can locate numerous Oakland Criminal Defense Attorneys by searching through local phone books or on the Internet. Dennis would be more than happy to refer you to another top notch Oakland Criminal Defense Attorney should you need help finding several to contact. Having the level of experience practicing Criminal Law in Oakland, Dennis knows just about every Attorney in the business. Choosing in the right Oakland Criminal Defense, without a doubt, will be the most important decision you will make regarding your case. The right Criminal Defense Attorney in Oakland will provide you with all the help you will need. You want to have the benefit of a highly experienced Oakland Criminal Defense Attorney to protect your rights and obtain the best possible outcome for your case.

Contacting Several Oakland Criminal Defense Attorneys That Offer Free Initial Consultations

Contact several Oakland Criminal Defense Attorneys for a free consultation and discuss your options with all of them. In addition, you will be advised of the fees necessary to retain each Attorney’s services. At this point, you should have a pretty good feeling of which Criminal Attorney will likely give you the best representation. Most people fear they cannot afford an Oakland Criminal Defense Lawyer. Only you can determine if you can afford to retain the services of a good Criminal Defense Lawyer, as well as whether you can afford NOT to. Criminal charges can be serious and you will have to determine whether you want to risk the disposition of your case or spend the money to ensure you have adequate legal representation. In addition, you may find that there are many affordable Criminal Defense Lawyers including one of Oakland's finest, Dennis Roberts.

For The Best In Oakland Criminal Defense, AVOID The Free Route At All Costs

You can accept a court appointed lawyer, however, many of them handle numerous cases and personal attention is lacking. When you are charged with a criminal offense you do not want a court appointed lawyer that may have an overwhelming case load. Many people regret the decision to accept a court appointed lawyer. The lawyers have too many cases and have little time to spend with each client. This may leave you wondering if you are going to receive adequate legal counsel. While a court appointed lawyer is not your best option, it is far better than no legal representation at all. Your absolute best option is to hire an experienced Oakland Criminal Defense Attorney. Whether you hire us or anyone else, you want to hire a Criminal Lawyer that is working for you and has the resources to provide you with the necessary personal attention.

Assurance In A Wise Decision Choosing Your Oakland Criminal Defense Attorney

Oakland Criminal Defense Attorney, Dennis Roberts has over 48 years of experience in the field of Criminal Law. His experience and expertise will help you maneuver through the legal system to obtain the best possible disposition of your case. While there are numerous Oakland Criminal Defense Lawyers available, few of them have the level of experience Dennis Roberts can bring to your case, with such an incredible track record to boot. The right Lawyer can greatly impact the disposition of your case, and Dennis has proven time and time again, to be the RIGHT Lawyer. His vast experience and ability to command respect in and out of the courtroom has positively impacted the disposition of his clients cases for many years. Dennis Roberts will protect your rights and will help you maneuver through the complex legal system. You will have peace of mind knowing this experienced Oakland Criminal Defense Attorney is on your side. Dennis Roberts and his staff will ensure your case receives the attention it deserves.

The first step is to call Dennis to set up a consultation. You will need to bring all documents pertaining to your case. Most people tend to feel embarrassed or nervous when talking about their case with a Criminal Defense Attorney. Dennis Roberts has handled thousands of cases over the past 48 years and will likely put you right at ease within minutes of meeting with him. He is a dedicated Criminal Lawyer that is in the business of helping ACCUSED citizens and protecting their rights. It is important to be as honest as possible with your legal counsel to ensure your case is handled with the best strategy. Once Dennis Roberts has reviewed your case, he will advise you of the process and best possible outcome of your case, and the worse. Hey, you want to know the truth, right? That's all you're gonna get here!

You will know and understand what will be required and you will have peace of mind knowing that his skill and expertise is behind you. Dennis Roberts will provide you with the personal attention your case will need. In addition, you will have competent legal advice that you can trust. Many, many previous clients recommend Dennis Roberts and are grateful they called him for help. Dennis Roberts is an Oakland Criminal Defense Attorney with the necessary experience, and a reputation you can trust. His most important and impressive reputation is in the courtroom. Dennis Roberts is a respected Criminal Defense Lawyer in the courtroom and out.

Make the call to Oakland Criminal Defense Lawyer, Dennis Roberts, today. We, as most other Law Firms, offer FREE initial consultations for all types of Criminal Cases. No matter how small or complex you feel your case is; Dennis Roberts will provide the best Criminal Defense possible. We do encourage you to initially seek the advice of several Criminal Defense Lawyers. However, we are sure you will find that Dennis Roberts is your best choice. With over 48 years of Criminal Law experience and a level of commitment and dedication to his clients rarely seen in a Defense Attorney, Dennis Roberts brings new meaning to top notch Oakland Criminal Defense. Contact Dennis Roberts for your FREE consultation and we are sure you will be happy you made the call.

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